The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation was created in 1986 to provide support for Maine communities. A family foundation, we are interested in projects that address the underlying causes of social and environmental problems, as well as those that address the consequences. We have a strong interest in literacy, community services and the arts. As community builders, we are particularly interested in organizations and projects that will affect or serve the most members of a community.

We receive more requests than we could possibly fund, and therefore have had to restrict the kinds of requests we will consider. We can only provide grants for non-profit organizations; we cannot give money to individuals for their personal use. We will not consider funding for:

  • medical care, education or other direct support for individuals
  • competitions or athletic sponsorships for individuals
  • wheelchair vans or transportation for individuals
  • scholarship foundations or programs that award grants or scholarships
  • graduation parties or events
  • travel, sponsorship or funding for student or athletic groups
  • renovations to churches or other religious properties or institutions
  • film or video productions, book or publishing projects
  • business development, investments or loans
  • conferences, meetings, training, or workshops
  • organizations whose policies encourage discrimination
  • academic research, fellowships or publication
  • shelters,hospitals or rehabilitation centers for animals
  • construction or improvement of playgrounds or skateparks
  • hospice programs or facilities
  • animal therapy programs

If you have questions or concerns about your organization’s eligibility, please Contact the Foundation Office